DefiMax biphasic clinical defibrillator

DefiMax biphasic is a modern, professional, clinical defibrillator with a big, colour screen. The device works both as defibrillator and as a patient monitor to observe ECG, arrhythmia, NIBP and SpO2. An ECG waveform can be printed out from a built-in thermal printer.

Due to a wide range of available defibrillation energy (from 1 to 300J) and integrated accessories, the defibrillator is designed for both adults and children.

DefiMax biphasic works in the following modes:

  • manual – energy for defibrillation is set for by a user,
  • AED – semi-automated defibrillation after detection of VF/VT ECG rhythm,
  • cardioversion – synchronic defibrillation,
  • monitoring – long-lasting monitoring ECG, SpO2 and NIBP.
  • pacer (pacemaker) working in asynchronous (fixed) mode or synchronous (on demand) mode

Adult and pediatric defibrillation is made by usage of hard paddles and disposable electrodes. A defibrillator can be purchased together with a dedicated crash cart or a special bag which makes its transport easier.

Device is CE certified