Patient monitors

For over 30 years of its activity EMTEL has focussed on designing and manufacturing highly specialized patient monitors which received recognition both in Poland and around the world.  The latest line – Emtel FX 3000, supported by innovative solutions, is distinguished by:

  • advanced monitoring parameters,
  • user friendly, large and clearly legible touch screen,
  • modularity of each parameter is set in a separate module which can be easily moved to another monitor,
  • high-quality design and manufacturing approved by TUV Nord Polska, ISO and CE certificates,
  • high-quality components developed fully in our company or in a cooperation with world-wide leaders like Respironics, CAS Medical Systems, Nellcor/Covidien, and PhaseIn,
  • competitive price in comparison with other manufacturers of patient monitors.
FX 3000MD

FX 3000MD modular patient monitor


FX 3000 compact patient monitor

FX 3000P

FX 3000P portable patient monitor


FX 3000T transport patient monitor


DefiMax biphasic

Defibrillators manufactured by EMTEL are made with high diligence and attention to quality, which ensures the durability of devices and their high reliability. In the past, monophasic impulses were used for defibrillation, which caused the flow of a much larger current through the patient’s body, which resulted in myocardial damage even during cardioversion. Defibrillators of DefiMax series use a modern biphasic defibrillation pulse that ensures efficiency when using much less energy.

The devices are available in many configurations including the AED mode and transcutaneous stimulation module. The installed measuring modules allow to use the defibrillator when no basic functionality is required, and to be used as a patient monitor.

DefiMax biphasic

DefiMax biphasic clinical defibrillator

DefiMax Plus – advanced clinical defibrillator

DefiMax mobile

Portable defibrillator DefiMax mobile

Central station


FX 3000C central monitoring station

The system that collects information from all patient monitors connected to the central station. It enables quick access to every patient monitor from a nurse stand, which makes the work of medical staff easier and more effective. The system allows full interaction between patient monitors and the central station, as well as between patient monitors themselves. Thanks to the large touch screen, the use of the central station is as easy as the use of patient monitors. The Central Station enables print-outs from each patient monitor, as well as reviewing large full disclosure archives.

Telemetry module

EM-01 Telemetry module

W dzisiejszych czasach rozwinięte systemy bezprzewodowe pozwalają na monitorowanie znacznie większej ilości pacjentów nawet na salach, które nie posiadają nadzoru w formie kardiomonitorów przyłóżkowych lub przenośnych. Nadajnik telemetryczny z niezależnym bateryjnym lub akumulatorowym zasilaniem pozwala pacjentowi na poruszanie się pacjentowi po oddziale i długotrwały bezprzewodowy nadzór. Zwiększa to poczucie bezpieczeństwa pacjenta a personelowi.

Osoby nadzorujące pacjentów mogą obserwować aktywność serca pacjenta na centrali monitorującej, a także analizować zapisane wcześniej przebiegi EKG w archiwum, dla każdego z nadajników telemetrycznych.

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