Anesthesiology, ICU

FX 3000MD monitors with 19″ displays, together with the FX 3000C central station, is typical and most often chosen solutions for the needs of anesthesiology.  Besides the basic parameters (ECG, respiration, SpO2 and NIBP), the monitors allow for monitoring:

  • end tidal (etCO2) and inspired (inCO2) concentration of carbon dioxide CO2,
  • temperature (in two measuring points and their difference),
  • invasive (intra-arterial) blood pressure (IBP) measured in two points e.g. central venous pressure (CVP) and pulmonary capillary wedge pressure (PCWP),
  • cardiac output together with hemodynamic calculations (ICG).

FX 3000C central station which gathers information from connected monitors ensures:

  • viewing all monitored parameters,
  • interactive transmission which allows for remote viewing of all or selected monitors and for their setting changes,
  • full data archiving,
  • print-out of current or archive data.

In addition,  anesthesiology wards are equipped with a  DefiMax biphasic with a cardioversion option. The defibrillator can be also equipped with pulse oximetry, percutaneous stimulation, semi-automatic AED mode and non-invasive blood pressure measurement.

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