Hospital Emergency Ward

FX 3000 monitors with 19″ display are typical and the most often chosen solution for the needs of hospital emergency wards. A trolley, delivered together with monitors, makes their transport easier.

Besides the basic parameters (ECG, respiration, SpO2 and NIBP), the monitor allows for monitoring:

  • carbon dioxide concentration (etCO2) in patient’s exhaled air,
  • temperature measured in any measurement point.

DefiMax biphasic defibrillator is a particularly important element of emergency ward equipment.  The defibrillator works in the following modes:

  • manual – energy for defibrillation is selected by a user,
  • semi-automated (AED) – defibrillation after VF/VT ECG rhythm detection.

In addition, the defibrillator has a cardioversion (synchronic defibrillation) option and pacemaker working in asynchronous (fixed) mode or synchronous (on demand) mode. The device monitors basic parameters like ECG, saturation (SpO2) and arterial pressure (NIBP).